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Monthly Archives: April 2023

How to observe "urine" dangerous signs "kidney disease"

How to observe “urine” dangerous signs “kidney disease”

It is not unusual that one day our bodies will have to face illness Which at least is fortunate that many Symptoms often have fairly obvious warning signs. to notify us to urgently treat or take care of dangerous signs ourselves But not every disease or ailment That will send a

Why is "liver cancer" killing most Thai people?

Why is liver cancer killing most Thai people?

Liver cancer  is a word that is said softly, is afraid because everyone knows that Although the technology is very advanced. But having cancer has a higher risk of death than any other disease. Plus, it’s hard to find the exact cause. Thai people know only about risk factors

8 signs of "liver cancer" that we must observe ourselves

8 signs of “liver cancer” that we must observe ourselves

In Thailand, up to 14,000 patients die from liver cancer per year, with the rate of liver cancer per 100,000 population being the 8th in the world. Liver cancer patients have a 13% chance of surviving from liver cancer, meaning that liver cancer patients have a 87% chance