3 ways to take care of “liver” to be healthy, reduce the risk of “cancer”

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Liver cancer is the number 1 most common in Thai men if you take good care of your liver. It will help reduce the risk of liver cancer. and dangerous diseases arising from the liver

Did you know the liver is the largest internal organ in our body? It has many important functions, including eliminating toxins from the UFABET body. Build immunity, get rid of germs produce bile to digest fatty foods blood sugar control Produce protein substances that help in blood clotting. It is the place where the body’s energy is stored for use when needed. *It is also a repository of vitamins and minerals as well. The liver is important like this. How do we take care?

Dr. Supapat Sripoosanapan, a gastroenterologist and liver specialist from Addlife Digestive and Liver Center, 2nd floor, Life Center (Q House Lumpini), gave information about the liver that the liver is an important organ. Many things and is also an organ that can regenerate itself. But if you have been exposed to risk factors that result in liver damage for a long time. This can result in permanent liver damage. and become various diseases

The most common liver diseases are liver cancer. Which is the number 1 cancer in Thai men, and cirrhosis, which is the leading cause of death in the world’s population. The factors that may lead to liver disease include:

3 ways to take care of "liver" to be healthy, reduce the risk of "cancer"
  • hepatitis B and C infection
  • obesity and consumption behavior
  • Prolonged use of alcoholic beverages
  • receiving certain drugs or toxins continued for a long time
  • fatty liver
  • Genetic and metabolic diseases such as diabetes

3 ways to take care of “liver” to be healthy , reduce the risk of “cancer”

Once the risk factors are known To take care of the liver to be healthy. Far away from the disease is not difficult if we know how to take care and prevent it before the disease occurs as follows:

  1. Behaviors that are risk factors are adjusted , including avoiding high-fat, high-sugar foods, and exercising regularly to control body weight. Reduce or abstain from drinking alcohol. avoid buying drugs Supplements or herbs taken by themselves without medical supervision.
  2. Vaccination against hepatitis B virus If there is no immunity
  3. Regular health checks every year At present. Liver disease screening can be done in many ways, such as liver enzyme testing. Hepatitis B virus detection and immunity Hepatitis C Upper abdominal ultrasound Liver Cancer Screening (AFP) and Fibro Scan

Fibro Scan is the latest diagnostic technology that can detect liver fibrosis. and measure the amount of fat accumulated in the liver which can assess the condition of liver fibrosis in patients with cirrhosis in the early stages Including follow-up assessment of severity to plan treatment and diagnose complications of patients with cirrhosis instead of liver biopsy. In addition, it can simultaneously assess and display the amount of fatty liver for patients at risk of fatty liver disease (Fatty Liver) at once.

which detect liver abnormalities before showing symptoms can reduce the death rate from liver disease Therefore, we should not neglect the annual health check.