8 signs of “liver cancer” that we must observe ourselves

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In Thailand, up to 14,000 patients die from liver cancer per year, with the rate of liver cancer per 100,000 population being the 8th in the world. Liver cancer patients have a 13% chance of surviving from liver cancer, meaning that liver cancer patients have a 87% chance of dying from it. Cancer is number 1

8 signs of "liver cancer" that we must observe ourselves

What causes liver cancer?

  • Most often the cause of liver cancer. from the behavior of living Drinking and eating our own food, whether it is
  • heavy drinking
  • Eating raw and undercooked food is at risk for liver flukes.
  • Eat foods that may contain saltpeter, such as fermented fish, sour fish, fermented pork, sausages, Chinese sausage, and salted meat.
  • Infected with hepatitis B and C, especially those who have the disease and refuse to seek treatment until letting the liver become chronically infected hepatitis for a long time
  • Prolonged exposure to the toxin “aflatoxin” (found in poorly preserved nuts) and other dry foods)
  • Exposure to certain chemicals for a long time, such as taking testosterone for a long time
  • Are a patient with type 2 diabetes or are overweight/obese

Dangerous signs of liver cancer

The reason why liver cancer is dangerous and scarier than we thought because in the early stages will not show any symptoms yet until the onset of symptoms which can be observed as follows: UFABET

  1. Abdominal pain in the upper right abdomen
  2. swollen belly
  3. unexplained weight loss
  4. anorexia
  5. tired
  6. Fever of no known cause
  7. palpation found a lump in the liver area (upper right abdomen)
  8. yellow body and eyes

What factors contribute to the incidence of ‘liver cancer’?

There are many contributing factors that cause liver cancer. Initially, it comes from cirrhosis of the liver for various reasons. The most common factors are hepatitis B C infection and alcoholic cirrhosis. In addition, cirrhosis may also cause fat to adhere to the liver, a condition that has metal accumulation in the liver such as copper and iron, a condition that is immune to the liver itself, eating food contaminated with aflatoxin. From fungi found in dried foods such as peanuts or ground dried peppers, diabetes and exposure to pesticides into the body. These factors are all causes that increase liver cancer more easily.

Who needs to be screened for ‘liver cancer’?

Although we still do not know if we ourselves have liver cancer in the early stages or not. But getting screened is for those who are found to have liver cancer to receive timely treatment early. To help increase the chances of recovering from this disease and reducing the death rate as much as possible. The persons who should be screened are as follows:

  1. Patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection or having a direct blood relative with liver cancer
  2. Patients with chronic hepatitis C virus and the pathology of the liver has been found to have a lot of fibrosis.
  3. Patients infected with hepatitis B virus Males over 40 years old and females over 50 years old.
  4. All patients with liver cirrhosis The incidence of cancer is not dependent on the main cause of cirrhosis.

How is liver cancer treated?

liver cancer treatment can choose the method that is suitable for the severity of the disease The size and nature of the cancer cells, the patient’s health , etc.

Treatment methods include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and liver transplantation. (The size of the liver mass must be less than 5 cm. and the patient is less than 70 years old.)