Itchy scalp, hair fall easily, check quickly, these 5 causes, is it the root?

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Have you ever wondered that itchy scalp that occurs frequently? causing the hair to fall easily due to any cause Of course, any problem who do not know the cause or cause of the problem inevitably makes it impossible to treat easily Today we have gathered 5 important causes that cause itchy scalp and easy hair loss to share with you girls. I know each other. In order to avoid and continue to find the right treatment.

Itchy scalp, hair fall easily, check quickly, these 5 causes, is it the root?

1. caused by dandruff problems
The main cause of itchy scalp that many people face is dandruff, which is caused by abnormal cell turnover in the scalp. And the exfoliation of the skin at this area also causes irritation from pollution, chemicals and various impurities. Or even insufficient hair washing can result in dandruff problems that can cause itchy scalp as well. However, if dandruff is accumulated a lot It will clog the pores of the hair. The oil produced by the sebaceous glands cannot be drained out. That leads to heavier scalp itching.

2. dry scalp There are differences between dandruff and dry scalp. The problem of dandruff is caused by oily scalp and clogged pores. Therefore, the oil produced by the sebaceous glands cannot be drained out. But in the part of the dry scalp, it is caused by the scalp being excessively dry. caused by the weather or washing your hair too often causing itching Including white flakes that come off like dandruff as well

3. Dirty scalp
Dirty scalp can always happen even if girls wash their hair every day. because of exposure to various pollution Including the accumulation of sweat throughout the day. There is a chance to make the scalp dirty as well if you do not wash your hair or clean your hair. because it will make the scalp oily and make it more sticky than before and as long as the sweat on the scalp evaporates It may cause the skin in that area to become irritated and itchy.

4. Dermatitis
Dermatitis caused by product allergies can also cause itchy scalp. Because when the skin is inflamed Will result in oily scalp until redness. which is why the hair roots are weak If the skin is continuously inflamed, it will cause the hair follicle to atrophy. and inflamed hair roots As well as causing the hair to fall out accordingly.

5. skin disease
person with skin disease There is a chance that the scalp itches as well. Especially those with seborrheic and psoriasis. There will be an itchy scalp on a regular basis. and besides itching It also causes dandruff and red rashes.

For those who often have itchy scalp. and do not know what the symptoms are caused by Let’s check the symptoms. See if our skin is inflamed or not. Is it a skin disease? including other ทางเข้า ufabet causes When you are sure that it could be one of the reasons mentioned above. It is advisable to see a dermatologist. for further examination and diagnosis