Arteta has no regrets about selling Balokan to Middlesbrough.

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Arsenal’s England manager Mikel Arteta has no regrets about selling Folarin Balokan to Middlesbrough. Loan to use because to stay at Arsenal next. Rarely get the opportunity to enter the field as much.

Although Arsenal have four strikers to choose from. There are actually two young players Folarin Balokan and Eddie Nketiah and Pierre Emme. Aubameyang has emerged as a surplus at Arsenal. After a disciplinary issue in which Mikel Arteta appeared to employ Folarin Balokan. Eddie N Katieh just at the cup show. It has been rumored that Folarin Balokan. Eddie Nketiah are set to part ways with Arsenal.

Eddie Nketiah is set to part ways with Arsenal at the end of the 2021/22 season. Left to Barcelona ​​making it now only Alexandre Lacazette. Only one will be available. But Mikel Arteta has no regrets in letting Folarin Balokan go on loan to Middlesbrough.

Folarin Balokan is a good player. I wants to play with the first team in UFABET. But at the moment it looks like he is only getting the chance to play with the youth team. Which is unfair to Folarin Balokan. Just a little bit and we want him to develop himself fully. So send it. Middlesbrough Loan is a good option for Folarin Balokan.