Barcelona almost brought Rodrigo to the team before the transfer window closes.

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Barcelona are urgently looking for a new striker to join the team after selling Antoine Griezmann back to Atletico Madrid on a season-long loan with a contract to buy. Also missing and Rodrigo Moreno is also a target for Barcelona. ​​with Rodrigo Moreno unable to squeeze in as a mainstay of Leeds United. plus performance on the field. The main striker of Patrick Bamford is also considered excellent.

As a result, Leeds United do not need to keep Rodrigo Moreno with the next team, and Rodrigo Moreno wants to have the opportunity to play in the starting line continuously, causing Barcelona. There was a chance to sign Rodrigo Moreno to join the team. Before the transfer window closed. He rejected the offer that came immediately because Rodrigo Moreno was a player. A ready-to-play substitute for Leeds United if Marcelo Bielsa decides to send Rodrigo Moreno on.

Plus, Leeds United have also been seeking a replacement for Rodrigo Moreno. A very short period of time, forcing Barcelona to look for a new striker to replace Antoine Griezmann. Available within the team now seems to be not enough. Some people still have to rest for several weeks to return to the field again with injury problems. Causing Barcelona to pull Luke de Jong from Sevilla joined the squad on the last day of the transfer window.