Bernardo reveals Man City are planning to stop Ronaldo

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Manchester City’s Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva has revealed that Manchester City have a plan to halt Cristiano Ronaldo. But they should not underestimate other players.

Although the status of Manchester City is superior to Manchester United. The kind that is called a different story. Whether it is a team or it is a success that Manchester City can win the championship every season is wrong with Manchester. But from the statistics they met in the last 5 games. Plus last season, Manchester United did not. Lost to Manchester City in the English Premier League as well.

Plus, the performance of Manchester City seems to have a bit of a problem with consistency, while Manchester United seems to be unpredictable. But Manchester United has a great guy like Christian. Ronaldo is always ready to change the game. Bernardo Silva knows the dangers of Cristiano Ronaldo as a team-mate of the national team. Manchester City. Plans to stop Cristiano Ronaldo are already in place. Bernardo Silva said in an interview.

“Cristiano Ronaldo has always been a very good player and he has helped Manchester United win a lot, especially with his late goals and Chris. Tiano Ronaldo is also a player who is ready to decide the game, so we only have to stop him to make sure he can’t score goals. And we must not underestimate the rest of the players as we are playing against Manchester United, so we should focus and focus on doing our best.”