Levitt admits he was right about moving to Dundee United.

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Manchester United midfielder Dylan Levitt admits he was right to join Dundee. Because it helped him develop to the fullest and get more playing time.

After not getting a chance to play for Manchester United’s first team. Dylan Levitt immediately decided to move to another team for more playing time. It was Dundee United who Decided to pull Dylan Levitt to join the team with a season-long loan contract. Although Dylan Levitt has problems with injuries. But still returned to the field to be completed. The results were considered very satisfactory. Dundee United’s performance is not that bad.

Dundee United remain seventh in the table. They have the opportunity to move up to the title challenge immediately with points equal to sixth-placed Ross County. Only a goal behind. Dylan Levitt has also been a key figure in the UFABET team that has helped Dundee United’s performance improve. Dundee United was the right decision given the opportunity to play. More and now able to develop themselves a lot.

Now I don’t play at youth level anymore. The pace of each game is much faster than before so every game. I have to concentrate on and maybe a little mistake. Judging the game right away, so being able to play continuously has helped me to improve a lot and my confidence grows every time I play and I have a clear goal that is to Only scored goals, which I was able to achieve.