Man Utd unhappy with Rice’s high transfer fee

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Declan Rice has always been a main target for Manchester United with a great performance against West Ham United. plus Manchester United’s midfield seems to have some problems and a key player. In the team right now. It seems that it still doesn’t work very well. Especially Fred has a lot of mistakes to see. Scott Mc Tominay is not a natural defensive midfielder. Causing Manche Lester United are preparing to recruit Declan Rice to join the team.

West Ham United do not want to let the main midfielder leave the team. Declan Rice has shown no sign of a move away from West Ham United. Forcing Manchester United to pay huge sums to Wes. If West Ham United hope to bring Declan Rice to the team With West Ham United putting at least a £100million sale on Declan Rice. Manchester United must consider bringing Declan Rice. Join the team immediately, even if they are in need of a defensive midfielder.

In the last transfer market, Manchester United spent a considerable amount of money to bring up to 3 new players to join the team in the next transfer market. Manchester United also plans to pull Erri. Brought Haaland joins the team as well. Causing plans to bring Declan Rice to join the team may have to be folded first. But in addition to Manchester United, there are also Chelsea who are interested in Declan Rice. Throughout his old days as a youth player, it’s all up to West Ham United whether to let Declan Rice leave the team, even if a satisfactory offer has been taken into consideration.