Messi will not get the opportunity to play against Montpellier

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Despite having had excellent performances at Barcelona. ​​Lionel Messi has not regained his form since his transfer to Paris Saint-Germain by Lionel Me. Ssi has made all three appearances for Paris Saint-Germain. But hasn’t been involved in a single goal for the team. Although the time is not over. But Lionel Messi has to leave the field because of an injury.

By the previous match at Paris Saint-Germain against Metz. He is in a completely incomplete physical condition even after returning to training, with Paris Saint-Germain’s medical team to check Lionel’s condition. There is a high chance that Lionel Messi will not be on the pitch to prepare for the midweek match.

Paris Saint-Germain having to face a tough battle like Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League and with injuries and incomplete physical condition. Mauricio Pochettino does not force the Li Onel Messi is on the field, but there are also Marco Verratti. Who is not ready to return to the field after a knee injury and Sergio Ramos. He has not played a single match for Paris Saint-Germain.