Moyes: West Ham are on the right track

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Usually West Ham United seems to be just a team in the middle of the table in the English Premier League only. They usually have no chance to win a ticket to the European Cup. Sometimes go down to the bottom half of the table as well. But David Moyes’ return has made West Ham United a tough team in the English Premier League. Last season just won Europa League qualifiers with a sixth-place finish.

Continuing into the 2021/22 season. West Ham United’s performance is considered very brutal. Two wins in a row despite facing a tough team such as Leicester City. Also rising to the top of the list. A week later, the results began to deteriorate with draws with Crystal Palace and Southampton before losing to Manchester United. David Moyes still confident West Ham are on the right track though. The last 3 games in the English Premier League have not yet been won.

“West Ham United are moving in the right direction and if we want to prove ourselves better then we have to face tough teams in the English Premier League: Manchester United, Manchester. City and Liverpool are now ready to challenge all the big teams, even though the result of the weekend was very disappointing because we shouldn’t have lost, but only lost. Only one, and before that we haven’t lost, so I think we’re in a good spot right now.”  ufabet