Rio reveals Rudiger will regret his behavior after Chelsea exit

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Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand believes Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger Will have to regret his behavior after Chelsea were eliminated from the UEFA Champions League last night.

 Rio Ferdinand believes Antonio Rudiger will regret his post-match reaction in the Champions League defeat to Real Madrid last night (Tuesday 12 April 2022) after He pushed David Alaba away as he tried to console him. The navy blue lion army Had a superb performance at the Santiago Bernabeu and they looked like they would advance to the semi-finals after going 3-0 (4-3 on aggregate) thanks to Mason Mount’s goal. , Rudiger and Timo Werner 

           But a stunning assist from Luka Modric saw Rodrygo score that sent the team into extra-time before Karim Benzema ‘s London hat-trick headed. Let the hosts win with a total score of 5-4. Rudiger spent time in the end. The game by going up to play in the front. and when the final whistle sounded He stands beside German-speaking Alaba after more than a decade at Bayern Munich.

          The Real Madrid  defender walked over to Obrudiger and said something to comfort him. But it turned out that the Chelsea shin pushed him away before walking briskly, then shrieking and screaming before collapsing. The other White King players Trying to shake hands with Rudiger. But he was still squatting on the floor. which Ferdinand felt The Germany international may look back on his behavior with regret. It’s satisfying to see how intensely emotional and passionate the player is for the UFABET game.

           Asked about the clip that saw Rudiger push Alaba away, Ferdinand told BT Spor t: “It was an emotion. And I don’t think he wants to react like that or see those pictures.” “But that feeling you can’t control. We used to be like that after the big games. I have said and done things that we ourselves regret. which we will think ‘That’s not me That’s not my usual trait,’ but that’s what football means to people.”

           He continued: “If you see the changing room after the game… Imagine a changing room there. There will be things flying around.” “I punched the wall, I even ended up kicking people sometimes! I did in the Chelsea game accidentally kicking someone. you didn’t mean to you’re just upset You didn’t mean to.” “But I like to see that because that’s an emotion. Have care and desire to win And they know what it means and how close they are.”