So sad! Ake lost his father after he scored against Leipzig minutes later.

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Nathan Ake has revealed he lost his father only minutes after he scored against Leipzig in the Champions League.

Nathan Ake, the Blue Sailing line revealed that After he scored to give Leipzig a 1-0 lead minutes later. His father passed away.

Ake, 26, has started the game at Manchester City. Open house for Leipzig’s visit In the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday 15 September ago. He was the first scorer to give the team a 1-0 lead in the 16th minute before Manchester City finished after the game. However, he received the bad news when his father died minutes later after his lead.

“On Wednesday it was a difficult time. I scored my first goal in the Champions League and minutes later my father passed away peacefully with my mother and brother by my side. Watching me play always makes him proud and happy,” Ake said on his Instagram.

“I know that my father is always with me. Dad is always in my heart And this door is for my father. The past few weeks have been the hardest in my life. my father is seriously ill And no treatment can be done. I am fortunate to have received a lot of support from my fiancée, family and friends.”