Solskjaer was delighted to see Cavani join Ronaldo.

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Edinson Cavani has stepped up much of Manchester United’s attack after Anthony Martial struggled in the final despite Edinson Cavani coming into his late career. Unfortunately, the season ended empty-handed despite reaching the Europa League final. Manchester United’s signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. Joining the team to strengthen their attacking force. Edinson Cavani’s future immediately began to be questioned.

Because Boca Juniors has plans to draw Edinson Cavani to join the team since the last transfer market. But it is Edinson Cavani has decided to extend his contract with Manchester United further. Villa despite the fact. Cristiano Ronaldo has stepped up as a mainstay immediately since joining from Juventus.

I’m excited to see Edinson Cavani. Cristiano Ronaldo working together. I’m sure the two will definitely work together. Now a lot of teams are starting. He plays deep defensively against us so having Edinson Cavani. Cristiano Ronaldo playing together will put a lot of pressure on the opposing defenders.”